#11. Andre-Pierre – Actor

ipm_casting_1280Andre-Pierre Is An Up And Coming Actor From Birmingham (West Midlands) And Is Represented By Imperial Personal Management (IPM).  Coming From a Dance Background, Acting Was Always Andre’s First Love And Now He’s On The Verge Of Making A Storm In The Film And Television Industry With Numerous Music Videos, Short And Independent Feature Films And Stage Performances Under His Belt. His Recent Credits Include, Curiosity Calls, 3/5 A Man, Uncle Ben: Block Party, Roman, Ain’t Nobody (Remix) Directors Cut – Maverick Sabre, My Life My Choice And Many More.

He Recently Made His TV Debut By Appearing On BBC’s Crimewatch. He Has More Coming Up, Appearing Next In Feature Film Blitz In The Bits, Indy (Short Film), Desolate (Short Film), When Will We Want Us – TrueMendous (Music Video) And 3 Untitled Projects Soon To Be Announced. Andre Is Definitely On His Way To Becoming One To Watch In The Future.

Andre Appearing In Music Video Home – Plain & Simple Ft. Nia Ekanem

What or who was it that inspired you into a career as an actor?

I’ve Always Loved Films, Since I Was Young I’ve Been A Film Lover At Heart. I Think The First Actor I Saw Growing Up That First Influenced Me To Be An Actor Was Will Smith. Watching His Early Films He Was Always Someone I Loved Watching As A Young Kid. He Made You Enjoy The Character And What Was Happening Throughout The Film. From There, At The Age Of 12 – 13, I Got Myself Involved In Acting Classes, Stage Plays And Dance. I Was Very Shy, Quiet And I Really Didn’t Know How To Express Myself Until I Started Acting. Performing Gave Me A Sense Of Freedom As It Was Where I Felt Most At Home.  The More Performances I Did And Learnt How To Develop Characters, The More I Fell In Love With The Craft Which Confirmed For Me That This Is Something I Want To Be Doing For The Rest Of My Life. I Think When Star Wars: The Force Awakens Came Out And Seeing John Boyega ON The Big Screen It Hit Me To Think That If This Is Possible, Maybe I Can Reach That Point One Day. With Acting There’s Always New Challenges, New Skills To Learn, More Things To Learn About Yourself And What You Can Do As A Performer. As An Actor You’re Constantly Learning Day To Day. It’s One Of The Things I Love About My Career As An Actor.

Are there any actors that influenced your style?

Yeah Definitely Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Idris Elba, Benedict Cumberbatch, Denzel Washington, Jack O’Connell, Chadwick Bozeman, Michael Fassbender, Michael B. Jordan, Christian Bale, John Boyega And Tom Hardy. With These Actors (And Theres Still Many More I Admire) They Immerse Themselves In Their Roles Each And Every Time. These Actors Always Showcase A Wide Range Of Roles And Ability To Their Craft Which Always Makes Them Standout In Everything They Play. I Always Want To Make My Characters Stand Out, Be Interesting And To Be Well To The Point Your Anxious To Know What They Are Gonna Do And Say Next. I Always Apply That Commitment And Discipline To All The Characters I Play As It’s Important For Me That The Characters Feel As Real As Possible.

Andre As The Villain Liston In Blitz In The Bits (Feature Film) Coming Soon
Andre As The Villain Liston In Blitz In The Bits (Feature Film) Coming Soon

How would you describe your acting style?

I Would Describe My Acting Style As Honest And True To How The Character Is. When Playing Different Types Of Roles The First Thing I Always Think Of Is Who Does This Person Remind Me Of Then I Build On The Character From There. I Also Base My Style On Real People And My Own Experiences So The Emotions And The Reactions Are Coming From A Real Place. I Think That’s The Best Way To Make The Characters Feel Real By Basing It On Or Being Inspired By The People That Are Actually Living The Experiences So It Never Feels Fake, Unnatural Or Out Of Place For The Audience Watching. When I’m Going Through Scripts And Talking With Directors I Always Ask Questions Because I Wanna Say, Do And React How The Character Would So If That Means Changing Certain Lines, Working On Certain Scenes More, Then We Get It Done Together Because We Wanna Create Something Substantial And Important. My Goal Is Always To Have The Audience Have An Emotional Reaction Watching My Character Whatever The Circumstance.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I Think The Best Piece Of Advice I’ve Been Given Is To Love The Craft First And To Be Myself. Theres No Greater Asset Than Being True To Who I Am And What I’m Capable Of As An Actor. I Think That’s Enough In Terms Of People Understanding Who I Am. I Do Acting Because I Love Storytelling, I Love Portraying Different Characters, I Love The New Challenges I’m Given As An Actor. You Can’t Be In This Business For Fame Otherwise You Wont Last Long. I Do This Because I’ve Loved Doing It From An Early I Respect The Craft and The Process Of How Things Come Together. I Love The Potential And Impact A Performance Can Have Whether It’s Film Or Theatre.

Andre In Indy (Short Film) Coming Soon
Andre In Indy (Short Film) Coming Soon

What do you look for from your director?

I Always Look For A Director That’s Trying To Do Something Fresh And Different But Also Wants To Tell A Strong Story First And Foremost. A Director That’s Got Something To Say, A Point To Prove And An Overall Theme Or Message They’re Trying To Put Across. I Also Like The Directors To Be Passionate About What They Are Making And To Have A Real Structure, Know What They Are Doing And Take Risks With Their Material. Also Directors That Are Willing To Collaborate With Their Actors And Bounce Back And Forth Between Ideas. We Have To Make The Overall Story Great, Because That’s Our Job As Storytellers To Create Something That Will Resonate With Our Audience. It’s Even Better If You Have A Great Working Relationship With Each Other And You Relate To Them Which Also Helps Make A Great Finalised Film.

What do you look for in a script?

A Strong Script Is The First Thing I Look For Because Without A Strong Foundation For The Film And Story, Everything Else Falters. I Also Look At The Journey Of The Characters, Where They Start To Where They End Up When The Story Is Finished. What Changes Do They Go Through? How Do They Interact With Other Characters? What’s Their Purpose In The Story And How Relatable They Are Or Can Be? I Look At All Those Things Because If I’m Not Drawn To The Character Or It Isn’t Interesting On The Script, It’s More Than Likely I Wont Do It. I Like My Scripts To Be Engaging In All Aspects In Whatever Genre Or Role I’m Taking On. I Already Have A Strong Script For A Short Film. I Can’t Say What It Is Yet But It’s Gonna Be Quality.  I’m About To Film Soon But Because It’s So Strong, All I Can Do Is Experiment And Build On The Character More To make It Even Stronger. That’s What I’d Do With Any Strong Script, I’d Build On It So The Story And Characters Become Even Stronger.

Desolate Official Trailer (2016) from Robert W. Lawrence on Vimeo.

What kind of role do you prefer?

I Don’t Have A Kind Of Role To Be Honest, I Gravitate To Roles That Are Interesting And It Being Something I Would Wanna See Myself, As Apposed To Having Any Particular Kind Of Role. I Think That’s How you Trap Yourself As An Actor,  You End Up Being Typecast Because Of It. I Think The One Thing That Attracts Me To Any Kind Of Role Is That It’s Relatable First. To Me, In Any Genre Or Story, Having A Relatable Trait In A Character Gives You Part Of A Connection To The Audience Watching And Hopefully Keeps Them Invested. I’ve Played Various Roles Over The Years But I Always Make Sure That They Are Relatable.

Do you think there’s plenty of varied opportunities for actors in the Midlands?

I Would Say There Are A Few Opportunities But Not Many. I Feel Like The Scene Is Still Growing Down Here. There’s So Much Talent That It’s Sad That There Isn’t Enough Opportunity That Most Of The Talent Here Has To Go Elsewhere To Provide And Showcase Their Talents. There’s A Small Number Of Filmmakers That Are Doing Great Things Behind The Camera, But I Still Reckon There Needs To Be More Done Because I Still Think Midlands Is Heavily Overlooked When It Comes To Actors And Filmmakers And Theres Some Great Material Being Made Down Here That People Still Have Yet To See. I Think Over Time More Opportunities Will Flourish Over The Years To Come But More Opportunities Has To Be Happen.


If you could change one thing about the film industry what would it be?

For The Film Industry To Take A Chance On More New Diverse Talent Of Actors And Filmmakers Especially In The UK. I Think In Order To Tell Stories Today You Got To Reflect That On What You See When You Go Outside Your Front Door. In Todays Society Most Cities Are Very Multicultural Now So TV Shows And Films Should Reflect That It Opens Up New Points Of View, More Interesting Storytelling And Overall A Broader Audience To Show. I Think Also Bringing In New Diverse Talented Filmmakers To The Industry Would Bring More Original Ideas Again As Apposed To Always Relying On Properties Based On Books, Toys, Comics Etc. I Think The More We Bring New Ideas, Diverse Filmmakers And Actors To The Table The More The Film Industry Will Bring More Quality Like TV Shows Are Doing Right Now.

CURIOSITY CALLS – Official Trailer from CarmaFilm Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

Do you have any tips/advice for anyone wanting to pursue acting?

I Think My Main Piece Of Advice Would Be To Love The Craft First Its As Simple As That. Study, Practice, Research And Love The Whole Process. Never Go Into This Thinking You Will Get Fame Quickly And Easy, Thats Not How It Works. If Thats Your Intention Then You Will Surely Hit Rock Bottom Quick. Always Be Willing To Learn, Be Open Minded, Willing To Take Direction And Always Be Willing To Become A Better Actor. The Better You Get The More Work Will Surely Come Your Way Through Time But Always Be Willing To Be Creative, Take Risks And Not Be Afraid To Stand Out With Your Choices Of Role, But Most Importantly Be True To Yourself.

Andre-Pierre’s Twitter Is @DrePierreTweets And Instagram: TheLifeOfDrePierre For The Latest Updates For What He Will Be Appearing In Next.

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