Critical/Academia Reading List

Billson Film Database

Author: Anne Billson

Anne Billson has been writing about films for four decades. Now she has collected over 4000 of her reviews into one book. You won’t find reviews of every film ever made here, or reviews of the latest blockbusters, but you will have fun browsing (and perhaps disagreeing with) the personal and often unorthodox opinions of a widely published and respected film writer.”


Film as a Subversive Art

Author: Amos Vogel

So ahead of his time was Vogel that the ideas he penned some thirty years ago are still relevant today, and now readily accessible in this fascimile reprint edition, alongside a new preface by Vogel and foreword by historian Scott MacDonald.”


Women vs Hollywood: The Fall and Rise of Women in Film

Author: Helen O’Hara

“Mapping the story of women in Hollywood since its beginning, O’Hara’s precise and robust book reveals how and why so many of the creative and talented female pioneers got written out the history of film.”


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