The OFN Reading List

Why Every Filmmaker And Fan Needs This

It’s late at night and you can’t sleep. Scrolling through the channels, you encounter a film that takes your fancy. It could be one single, captivating image or a beautifully written line that flies off the screen and hits you smack between the eyes. You start to watch the film. You can’t stop watching it. The tiredness and the anxiety you were feeling start to fade. All that matters is the unfolding story before you, with its stirring visual language and rich imagery. Or perhaps you are emerging from the comforting space of a darkened cinema, bursting with excitement at the experience you’ve just had, and start sharing it with your friend or partner. Maybe that excitement is enough to make you want to start making films of your own…

This is the realisation you have had an experience that will never leave you for the rest of your life. You know that film, the watching of it, the re-living of it, the making of it, is in your blood. Like us at Outward Film Network, you are obsessed with it. You are in love with it, just as we are.

But don’t you feel sometimes that a film alone isn’t enough to contain your passion for it? Don’t you feel like you want to go deeper into that experience? We believe books can help the discerning film fan or filmmaker do exactly this. It’s no coincidence books and films often go hand-in-hand. The ideal companion for exploring the evocative images produced by film, books allow you to get some quality one-on-one time with cinema. See the OFN Reading List below for your next inspirational title:


To make the magic happen on screen, there has to be plenty of hard work and intense creativity behind it. Whether wanting to know more about the filmmakers who influence you or to broaden your knowledge of the methods they use to achieve great art, these titles will put you in touch with life behind the camera.


To become another person, to develop a new character from within yourself, is a creative challenge that requires dedication, artistry and passion. The rigours and pure pleasure of the craft are explored here in this fascinating selection and will provide actors with the extra tools and motivation they need to win that next audition.


Film can be more than entertainment. You know it, we know it. Enjoy some in-depth reading with these critical explorations of what makes cinema so appealing and how its unique codes transform language to create new textual forms. Trust us, the more you know about film language, the more satisfying your pleasure in cinema will become.

Film Specific Reading List

There’s always that one film that never gets tired. In fact, the more you watch it, the more you need it. The thing about great stories is that they take hold of you and leave you wanting more of them. Quite often, these great stories are as much a part of the film’s production as the film itself. When your annual viewing alone just isn’t quite enough to slake your thirst for your long-time favourite, find the joy of seeing your passion explored through the words of other fans.