Filmmakers Reading List

The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook

Authors: Chris Jones & Genevieve Jolliffe

Why read: “Brand new edition of this bestseller – the only book an amateur film maker needs! An entirely new, updated, and expanded third edition of the UK’s best-selling filmmaker’s bible, last updated in 2000”


Moviemakers’ Master Class: Private Lessons from the World’s Foremost Directors

Author: Laurent Tirard

Why read: From Scorsese and Lynch to Wenders and Godard: interviews with twenty of the world’s greatest directors on how they make films – and why.


Rebel without a crew

Author: Robert Rodriguez

Why read: A cult classic amongst film students, Robert Rodriguez recounts how he sold his body to medical science (sort of) to make El Mariachi – the lowest budget movie to gross $1,000,000


Notes on the Cinematograph

Author: Robert Bresson

Why read: Fantastic and refreshing ‘scars’ from the well-renowned filmmaker.


When the shooting stops, the cutting begins

Author: Ralph Rosenblum, Robert Karen

Why read: The history and profession of the science and art of film editing in what is considered to be the definitive guide on the art of piecing a movie together after the cameras have been put away.


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