Fistful of Fivers

Fistul of fivers

Can you make a film for five pounds?

But how can you make a short film for five pounds I hear you say? Honestly, if you’re asking that question then this isn’t the challenge for you. How do we know this? Because we’ve made our own ‘Fiver Film’…and brought it in under-budget at just £1! Check out our showcase short ‘The Waiting’ right here:

Who is helping you make your short film?

Outward is made up of filmmakers just like you. We are not the industry. We are independent creatives working on zero budgets. We get it; we know what you’re going through. We understand how hard it is to break through that glass ceiling. It’s not how good you are, it’s who you know, right?

We want to take a different approach. Ideas are what counts and all we’re looking for is your writing. With the right idea, you can produce a completed short film through our unique, five pound challenge. And we will give you the fiver you need to make the script a reality! No exhausting application forms here! Just send over your formatted script and we’ll let you know if you’ve been successful. We know you’re a special storyteller who needs that chance. To learn more about the Outward team, just click the ‘About Us’ link on our website.

What will we do with your film?

The answer is, “as much as we can!” We will distribute the five completed films on our website and social media platforms and invite the filmmakers to regional screening events where we will publicly showcase the Fiver Shorts. We will also pay for one film festival submission for each film.

So prime your imagination and submit your script to Outward Film Network today. Send your scripts to: or


    • Five scripts will be chosen by the Outward team, based solely on the quality of the writing.
    • Scripts are welcomed in MS Word format but the writer should show a comprehension of formatting technique. The Outward team recommend using Celtx software which is free to download and has a scriptwriting tool (
    • Scripts can be in any genre but must not exceed 10 minutes run-time (including credits). Minimum length is 1 minute.
    • The total budget spend of each short film cannot exceed five pounds. We want to see what you can do on a zero budget. Filmmakers will be asked to submit a budget top sheet to account for areas of spend.
    • Filmmakers are free to shoot on any format available to them, though iPhone, digital camcorders and DSLR cameras are encouraged.
    • This is a competition for first-time filmmakers or those working at a zero budget level. If you have received funding previously, you are not eligible to submit a script.
    • Filmmaking teams can consist of any number, as long as there is a recognised writer, director and producer.
    • Diverse voices in the filmmaking community are strongly encouraged to apply. Ultimately though, scripts will be chosen on merit.
    • Filmmakers will be assigned an Outward mentor who will act as executive producer and offer any advice needed during the production process. If you don’t need us, no problem!
    • Completed films will need to be delivered by 31st July 2018. DVD, Blu-Ray or download deliverables are acceptable.
    • The completed short films will be distributed on-line via the Outward website and social media platforms. They will also be publicly showcased at screening events across the Midlands and Southern regions of the network. One film festival submission per short film will be subsidised by the Outward team.
  • Copyright for each short produced remains with the filmmakers. Outward reserve the right to distribute and promote the shorts at their discretion.

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