DESERT ISLAND FLICKS – Episode 11: Mariel Baqueiro

Born in México City and based in Berlin since 2006, Mariel studied film at the San Francisco Art Institute and the University Center for Film Studies in México (CUEC). She holds a degree as a Director of Photography from the German TV and Film Academy in Berlin (DFFB).

Her graduation film Hagazussa has screened at several festivals, including BFI London, Fantastic Fest and Sitges. At Chicago’s Cineapocalypse she was the recipient of the award for best cinematography, and at the Diagonale Festival in Austria, she was awarded the 2018 Michael Ballhaus Prize.

Film 1 – The film you’ve seen more than any other

Any of the Batman sequels…preferably the older ones though. For some reason, Batman is a character that brings my back to my childhood. And then when I grew older, I could definitely catalogue the movies of Batman as dark; and I liked it! The atmosphere, the characters were (and still are) so fascinating, so fantastic and yet so real.

Batman (1989) – Dr: Tim Burton
Film 2 – The Classic you’ve never seen

Gone with the wind. Is this movies you’ve heard so much. In the film school, from your parents, in articles but, when you decide to watch it, it’s almost 4 hours long! And it’s not even your favourite genre! So I guess I haven’t found the motivation. I really don’t like to see movies in pieces.

Film 3 – The film that will definitely give you a lift

Fellini’s Amarcord. The settings of Fellini are grandiose. Who doesn’t want to spend a day in one of those Italian towns, full of movement, loud, humour, drinking, eating. And Amarcord is the epitome of such situations. Simple situations but very richly portrayed.

Amarcord (1973) – Dir: Federico Fellini
Film 4 – The so-called masterpiece that deserves a re-visit

David Lynch’s Inland Empire. I’m not sure if everyone loves this particular movie of Lynch but somehow it is praised because it’s Lynch. For me, it was just a chain of images. I’m open to the possibility that it might be too “smart” and I didn’t catch it, so I will give it a second chance.

Inland Empire (2006) - Dir: David Lynch
Inland Empire (2006) – Dir: David Lynch
Film 5 – The film you wished you’d made

To be the D.P. on “Time of the gypsies”. I’m very fascinated by this ethnic group and I believe this movie portrays them in a very magical way. I’d have been very interested in all the research process. I really like the landscapes and the characters. Plus the idea of shooting together with Emir Kusturica.

Film 6 – The film that had the biggest effect on you

Segundo Siglo” of director Jorge Bolado. This is a movie that, unfairly, just few people know about. It is definitely one movie that makes you think. It’s a inner trip, like meditation. It’s so simple and yet so smart. It’s filmic language is brave without being experimental. I highly recommend it.

Films 7 & 8 – Wild Cards

Dogtooth (Y. Lanthimos).- ‘Cause it’s original, daring, rare, nicely shot. Good for being alone.

Dead Man (J. Jarmusch).- It is full of extraordinary quotes, nice dialogues. Calming. Beautifully shot. Interesting story with great actors.

Dogtooth (2009) - Dir: Yorgos Lanthimos
Dogtooth (2009) – Dir: Yorgos Lanthimos
The rogue disc – The film you wished you’d never seen

A Serbian Film. Is this kind of films that are supposed to impress you and cause a “scandalous” effect on the audience. So many people was talking about it and I end up watching it just to confirm it, wanting to shock just to shock, will never work. Movies are stories, movies have to tell you something. I thought it was a very boring one.

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